Our Services

From Anesthesia to X-Ray

Each production is unique and has specific requirements.  Medical Reality Inc. meets with each production team to be sure all your requirements will be met.

We can provide and set up a variety of medical equipment from a basic doctor's office to surgical suites.  We work with a variety of local hospitals and can provide recommendations and assistance with locations, props, and set decs.

We Can Help!

As professional medical technical advisors we are here to help.  Out expertise includes but is not limited to the following areas:

  • ER, Medical/Surgical and ICU Expertise
  • EMT and Trauma Situations
  • Specialized Procedures and Equipment
  • Hospital Staff Specialty Extras/Background
  • Script Review and Advisement
  • Props recommendation and procurement
  • Medical Set Decs

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Medical Reality Inc.

Questions We Can Answer for You!

  • Are the props and set decs medically accurate?
  • Does the script contain the correct medical terminology?
  • Do the actors require one on one coaching on how to make the medical seen look more authentic?
  • Are the overall events in the scene taking place in the correct sequence?